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Star Wars: The Old Republic: No Same Sex Relationships

She was hired by him to provide intel and tech for the Bounty Hunter in the Great Hunt which she is an expert about.

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Mako first meets the bounty hunter when the character first arrives on Hutta. Shortly after, Braden and Jory are found dead in their base, killed by Tarro Bloodthe first old republic forum advisary of the Bounty Hunter. Mako generally likes it fotum the player makes light-side decisions but charges the NPC heavily for it.

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She loves it when you tell the Sith that you don't work for them and do what you want. In the end, this makes no difference to me repjblic.

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I don't plan to have a relationship at all in-game, whether gay or straight. Sex seriously doesn't old republic forum to me when I'm playing a game and trying to get mah epix. I don't understand repuublic this is even an issue.

forum old republic

IMO take out all relationships. Just one less thing for people masseffectarchives bitch about.

republic forum old

Make everyone asexual and every now and then just take some bathroom time to relieve the tension. Sometimes the best love is between you and your hand.

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Especially since you can't expect better from people who complain about sexuality in a video games. So many people up in arms about this.

forum old republic

It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. So if same gender romances were old republic forum the game, the only people who would know are those who choose to follow them.

republic forum old

No godless person can comprehend those minute distinctions in doctrine that provide old republic forum believers excuse for mayhem. I really don't think the kissing and making out and "making whoopee" in the hot tubs or beds is ambiguous AT ALL. The same sex relationships in the Sims are pretty in old republic forum face if you choose to pursue one.

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There is a big difference between a player making that happen, and "getting approached". That's a big difference. As was pointed out earlier, there are likely going to be kids playing this game since it's Star Old republic forum.

republic forum old

I can see how parents would definitely get upset about that sort of thing. To the corum gent that said "everyones up in arms" over it.

republic forum old

Really the only people upset is the gay crowd. Alot of people are indifferent old republic forum alot of other people are relieved that this isn't going in at all. This is a confusing one to be sure.

republic forum old

In all honesty I can see no problems with same repunlic relationships in the game myself for people who want old republic forum. But, something in my head is just flashing a warning light. Games like Mass Effect and Dargons Age are adult theamed games.

forum old republic

Or the sugestion in Kotor 1 that you may have had sex with Bastia Certain adult themed artwork I accidently clicked on once All times are GMT. The time now is Contact Us - old republic forum.

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Discussion of Gay Life. Gay Relations and Sex I'm sure you guys have something to share. Gay Dating and Escort Services.

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Games and imagination Discipline tactics that really work · Games to play with your three to five year old · How to handle nail biting · Threadworms: how to.


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Adult games.