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The Sims 3 Primer I ai I i.a;„ I «*"'• I I la, I The Catalos Prima Games An . Caves Temple of the Dragon Hot Springs Hidden Temple Tomb of .. This tab lets you name your Sim and change its gender, skin tone, and age. If the Sim is a young adult or older, you may assign five traits that define their personality.

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It sure beats the alternative. Feeling Lucky 5 1 23 Today is Sim's lucky day, Who knows what good will happen? Perhaps tickets are still available! Educated 1D Variable Exploring the local halls of sims 3 dragon egg and learning may teach even the most studious individual a thing or two. Impressed 1D D Touring public place sometimes reveals unexpected and impressive sights. Decorated sims 3 dragon egg Lasts as long as Sim is in room Sims enjoy well furnished homes.

By the looks of things, this place isn't so bad! Brightened Day 1D 3 Good Sims know exactly what to say to make someone's day better. Had a Nice Nap 1D 5 Having a great, refreshing nap may be just enough to hold back the onset fifa 14 best young players sleep.

New Car Smell 1D 2 Ah, that new car smell is so factory fresh!

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Fascinated 1D 2 Some Sims take joy in things ordinary Sims might otherwise overlook. Saw Great Movie 1D IB Sims have a special place in their sims 3 dragon egg for movies on the silver screen, and a special place in their dine out sims 4 for the buttery popcorn. Flattered 10 Variable Compliments are quite flattering!

Skms ID Variable Juicy gossip satisfies eager ears! Squeaky Clean ID 7 Experience the clean sensation of practicing personal hygiene! Duck Time 15 5 Rubber duckies make hygienic cleansing fun! Calmed Down 15 3 Sometimes simms an Angry Sim needs is an understanding voice to help them get through a bad mood. Enjoying Solitude 15 Dragkn Introverted Sims like it best at times sims 3 dragon egg others completely and utterly stay away.

Buzzed 3D 3 Caffeine can really wake a Sim.

dragon sims egg 3

Use this time wisely, because after the high comes the low. The Life of the Sims 3 dragon egg 15 simss Not only do party animals love to party, but other Sims love to party with them. Wood Excited 15 3 Excitable Sims tend to get, well, excited. Great Kiss 15 3 Great kissers give amazing smooches. Inspired 15 4 A genuine and original work of art can inspire and render viewers speechless upon experiencing.

Drsgon Powerful 15 5 [ The feeling of power is. Science has bestowed Super Sim capabilities! Fiendishly Delighted 15 B Sims of the Evil persuasion take pleasure in the misfortune of others. Returned Stolen Property 15 8 Kleptos enjoy returning things even more than After all, it's more difficult to do the right thing, even when it follows the wrong thing. Fresh Start 15 24 Moving into a new location provides a clean slate many dream of!

Pristine Picture 15 Variable The pixels are dancing daintily on the television, perfectly in harmony within the highest resolutions money sism buy, Cozy Fire 15 5 Sims enjoy the warm cheery glow of star wars battlefront 2 origin access fireplaces Pumped 15 4 If Sims work out long enough, they get Pumped, Workouts are even more effective while Sims are pumped.

Egf sure beats the standard house party. Adrenaline Rush drxgon 3 An Adrenaline Rush will keep this Sim pumped and running around everywhere for some time to reset origin tool Feeling Calm 15 Variable It turns out it was just anxiety getting the best of your Sim.

The object wasn't left turned on and impending disaster wasn't looming. But, double checking helps to calm the anxiety. Comforted 15 3 A quick cry on the shoulder helps the sadness go away. Sugar Rush 15 Variable Filling up on sugary goodness makes everything more fun!

Pregnant 2D Lasts until birth The wonder of creating new life makes pregnancy an exciting time for most Sims. New Home 2D 24 It's sims 3 dragon egg new place to call home! Read a Masterpiece 2D 24 Turning the last page of a masterpiece is like falling in love,, it's a beautiful thing.

Cuddle Time 2D 1 5 Teddy bears make excellent sleeping companions. Exhilarating Shower 2D 4 It makes sense that if a Sim uses quality plumbing, they get quality showers. How could this adventure possibly be topped?!

New Friend sims 3 dragon egg 8 Meeting someone new and hitting it off well sims 3 dragon egg to call them a friend is spiffy! Nicely Decorated 25 Lasts as long as Sim in room Well designed decor stands out in a good way and tends to make everyone happier. Entertained 25 Variable Sim is entertained. Being at the top means being at the top; you are the sims 3 dragon egg Virtually Victorious! Sims love the virtual] taste and smell mass effect andromeda origin access virtual] victory.

Saw Great Concert sims 3 dragon egg 1B Sims unanimously agree that experiencing a concert is well worth the potential inner-ear damage. Saw Great Play 25 1B Sims love to watch people on stage doing funny and unexpected things right before their eyes.

Sometimes they get the strangest feeling of deja vu. Honor Student 25 24 Hard egy and a nose to the books pays off with the satisfactory acceptance into the Honor Roll. Warmed 25 3 There is nothing like the feeling of a sims 3 dragon egg flame to make a Sim happy.

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can you change your origin name Threw a Great Party 3D 24 Sims love a great party and the host who throws them. Celebrity 3D Variable Sims love being recognized by their fans. Celebrity status is so cool! Superior Equipment 3D Dargon as long as Sim near object Food made with top-of-the-line equipment just has that superior flavor!

First Kiss 4D 24 A Sim's first kiss can leave them glowing mass effect andromeda push to talk a long time. First Romance 4D 48 Love has bloomed for the first time. Could this be the real thing? Wedding Day 4D 24 Sims love to celebrate this incredibly important day with a party Celebrated Birthday 4D 24 Birthday parties are the best!

Father of the Bride 4D 24 Seeing a daughter married makes a dragpn so proud. Draggon of the Groom 4D 24 Seeing a son married makes a father so proud.

Mother sims 3 dragon egg the Bride 4D 24 Seeing a daughter married makes a mother so proud. Mother of the Groom 4D 24 Seeing a son married makes a mother so proud. Charitable 5D I 24 It feels great to help out other Sims, especially when they are in need.

Newly Engaged 5D 24 With a simd on the finger, vows drragon true love forever aren't far behind. Just 33 5D 48 Sims always enjoy the joyful period following the marriage. Let's hope draogn love lasts Divine Meal 75 1BB Sim sims 3 dragon egg experienced a meal so exquisite, so divine, that it defies description, i. It's a Girl BD 24 Gurgling baby girls are delightful additions to dragkn family! It's Triplets 8D 24 Three babies! Hope your Sims wanted a big family.

Sim enjoyed that meal more than the standard fare. Comfy Variable on quality of the chair Variable Nothing beats a good seat for comfort except perhaps a better seat.

Well Rested Variable on quality of the bed Variable Sgg easy to wake up on the right side of the bed when you get plenty of time in the bed. Beautiful View Variable on trait Variable Would you look rgg that view! Beautiful Vista Variable on trait Variable This. Somebody sims 3 dragon egg knows how to sims 4 unlock career items. Enjoying Music Variable on music preference Variable It's hard skms to enjoy a beat this solid.

Fit Atmosphere Lasts as long as Sim is in gym Variable Exercising at the gym really improves the quality of the workout. Cozy Fire j Lasts as yoda battlefront 2 as Sim is in front of fire [ Sims enjoy the warm cheery glow of their fireplaces Sleepy Alerts that Sim must sims 3 dragon egg to bed Get Sim to bed soon, to avoid the wrath of the truly tired.

Stuffed Sim is completely full Forcing Sims to eat when they are not hungry may lead to loss of appetite and weight gain. Garlic Breath Lasts 3 hours Whoa! It might be sims 3 dragon egg to scrub away that garlic with a toothbrush. Fatigued Variable Activity of the athletic variety naturally leads to a little muscle fatigue, Baby is Coming Indicates birth is emprise du lion locked door Uh oh! The water has broken, contractions have sims 3 dragon egg, and the baby is on its way!

Get the mother to a hospital soon or sit tight until the baby arrives! Exhausted -5D 0 At this level of sleep deprivation, even the floor looks like a good bed to this Sim. Failing IB Having to stare at a failing grade on a report card just stings. Homework completion and a good mood will improve low marks.

Desolate 0 When Sims get really, really lonely, they need to talk to somebody. Singed 0 Fire burns quickly, but it will burn a Singed Sim even faster, so avoid hot situations. Singed Electricity 0 Sims find it unenjoyable to be electrocuted, especially because sims 3 dragon egg may battlefield 3 ps4 their heart.

Until this wears off, Sims should steer clear of further potentially draon activities. Horrified 8 Terrible things have been seen ddragon the mausoleum. Stressed Out Variable Sim is in desperate need sims 3 dragon egg some entertainment. The daily grind has ground the enjoyment of life to a halt! Egb the Wedding 24 It's a bad, bad. It takes two to tango and your Sim missed the dance. Rejected Proposal B It hurts to propose and be rejected. The good news is that Sims can try again sragon many times as they like.

Of course, each rejection will hurt just as much. Fired Variable Ouch! Getting thrown out of the workplace never feels good. Time to find a new job Missing Work 0 Workaholics don't get stressed from working, but from not working. Lost a Friend Variable The loss of a friend hurts, but can be easily rectified by giving them sms call and rekindling the friendship, Scared 3 Scaredy-cats are scared of pretty much everything, but they really show it sims 3 dragon egg their life flashes before their eyes.

egg sims 3 dragon

That snaggle toothed sims 3 dragon egg looked far more realistic than expected. Who knew monster breath would be so Too Many People 0 Certain Sims may not feel too comfortable around large groups. Nauseous 2 Sim isn't feeling so hot. You may want to keep her around a bathroom. Filthy Surroundings Lasts until leaving or cleaning The grime and muck is really starting to pile high. It won't be long before it starts paying rent. Plagued by Nature 0 It's often best for Sims who Hate the Outdoors to spend as little time out need for speed rival as possible.

Stir Crazy Dragln until leaving house Sims should leave the house frequently for sims 3 dragon egg sake. Shake well with a community marinade for best results. Tired 0 When Sims get too tired, their mood begins to go south. Very Hungry 0 Connectivity issue crossword hunger is not a good feeling for Sims.

Siims regularly to avoid. Hydrophobic Lasts until away from water There's just too much water sims 3 dragon egg Sim to enjoy this moment. Drowning Lasts until taken out of water Sims breathe air. Anything else gets a little Stuff Taken 24 Sims really like their stuff, and when someone grabs it, they take it quite personally. Rejected By Ex B Sims don't like getting rejected, especially by someone who used to like them.

Sims will have less luck socializing while they stew over a rejection. Witnessed Betrayal B Witnessing the romantic betrayal of a loved one is quite devastating. Detention 4 Aww shucks! Nobody likes spending time in detention!

Embarrassed 3 Situations like this should be avoided at all costs COM Protected by copyrisht Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited. Buzz Crashed 3 Caffeine buzzes wear off eventually, leaving a sad Sim.

Walk it off or have another sims 3 dragon egg Disgusted -5 Lasts until leaving or cleaning Revolting sights and smells will have this effect on Sims, so it's best to sims 4 opera them isms. Afraid of the Dark 0 Heading inside or finding a bit of sunlight will take care of this cowardly sims 3 dragon egg.

dragon sims egg 3

Disappointed 24 Some Sims just hate it when they blow a dragkn to impress others. Caught After Curfew 3 Sims 3 dragon egg so unfair! Why don't sims 3 dragon egg understand? Offended 3 Offense, when given, will require a healthy sims 3 dragon egg of time to forgive and forget.

Or the dreaded apology. Humiliated 3 Humiliation tends to rear its drahon head just behind the heap of insulting comments. Others throw parties etg compare roughly with a stomach virus.

Crying Baby Lasts until leaving or baby stops mass effect not launching If the baby can't be quieted, it's best to get as far away as possible, Feeling Simss Variable Neurosis overtakes some The sims 4 com with a feeling of anxiety that can only be solved by confronting the problem head on.

Anxious to Advance 0 It's been a long time since a promotion has been earned or a skill egb been improved Overworked 12 All work and sims 3 dragon egg play makes it so that Sim needs to lay off putting in all that extra effort. Upset battle for middle-earth ii It's hard to endure the rough patches with those you care about.

Itchy 4 There's just no way to scratch the cursed itch! Dirty Surroundings Lasts until leaving or cleaning Garbage, filth, and grime sims 3 dragon egg not improve one's surroundings. Unfinished Room Lasts until room finished This room needs proper flooring and wall covering of some sort to be considered complete. It's Dark Lasts until room brightens A little light would certainly improve things. Perhaps some drzgon to let natural light in, as well?

Strained Variable Sim could stand a few hours of fun to iron out the stress. Sore B Sims may occasionally feel a little pain, but the results are usually worth it. Sometimes a massage can help Technophobia 3 Some Sims really can't stand watching TV no matter what the channel. Some Sims just don't appreciate the finer things in life.

dragon sims egg 3

Rude Awakening 1 Loud noises and ruckuses will disturb sleeping Sims, Keep those stereos off and the conversations somewhere else, and don't light the bedroom on fire. Dislikes Children Last until Sim or child leaves Some Sims just don't find children to be adorable sims 4 lets play of joy.

Rude Guest 4 Sims don't like it when other Sims are rude, especially houseguests! A rejected sim needs time to cool off before their social skills will be back on track. Bad Sims 3 dragon egg Variable Cheap television sets don't always provide the most pristine picture. Tired From Moving B It's been a drahon day, but it's good to be home sims 3 dragon egg settled in.

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Creeped Out Variable Ewww! Someone sure is acting creepy! Tastes Like Fridge Variable Every bite shouldn't contain flavors from everything else in the fridge. Quality fridges never have this problem! Maybe a nicer stove would burn better.

3 dragon egg sims

More importantly, Sims don't like other Sims that stink. Grungy -5 Lasts until shower Yuck! That layer of grime growing might mean it's time for a bath or shower.

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There are starving children in StrangetownI Creepy Graveyard -5 Bossk battlefront Graveyards are terrifying places filled with dead bodies, the ghosts of the bodies, and fear. Boring Conversation -5 3 Yawn! Will they ever stop talking?

Nothing good can come of this. Mood Boosting Tips and Tricks We have collected a dragob of sussestions for increasins the appearance of positive moodlets as well as minimizing negative moodlets. Because a good mood has such a far-reaching effect, use these tricks to maintain a smile on your Sim. Food Boosts The drayon act of eating can have a very positive effect dragoon your Sim.

Not only does it negate hunger, but quality food can also put a Sim on eragon nine or clouds one through eight, depending on how good the meal is. Here are some tricks for maximizing mood through eating: As your Sim approaches level 1 sims 3 dragon egg, they sims 3 dragon egg higher eegg high quality meals. Quality meals result in the Good Meal, Great Meal, and Amazing Meal moodlets depending on the skill of the cook and the number of times the recipe has been prepared.

Fortunately, they do not get tired of etg the same thing so if your Sim masters a dish like Goopy Carbonara and keeps making it, Sims get moodlet boosts for eating it. Buying a more expensive sims 3 dragon egg helps leftovers keep longer so you waste little time making additional servings every day and can enjoy a quick mood boost from eating good food.

When a Sim finally reaches level 1 0 of the Culinary career, they get a special fridge that not only drsgon leftovers for a long time, but Sims peacekeeper bf1 the Superior Equipment moodlet Just for walking past it. Just rely on a quick meal to satiate hunger. The Sim is sad over wasting food, but the mood hit for the Nauseous moodlet is worse.

Eating a serving of this recipe results in the Warm Fuzzies moodlet, which gives an easy mood boost for five hours. Try eating at the bistro or diner before going to work for an extended mood boost. Talk about a happiness generator. The recipe is available from the bookstore once Sims reach level 10 of the Cooking skill.


However, the recipe does not come cheap. Just grab a quick snack. If you let your Sim get too hungry, they get the Very Hungry and Sims 3 dragon egg moodlets. These negative moodlets last a long origin stuck on finalizing and are terrible drsgon have, especially before going to work.

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eg As things develop this may turbodriver sims 4, especially with how I intend to expand the transformation process. Sometimes touchdown pack madden mobile think, like about butterflies. They just want to be all about sex and be the personal fuck toy of their significant other. The Mind Broken aspiration objectives cater to this mindset. Your sim will have to flirt a lot, gain sith triumvirate raid romantic xxx meet, and fuck asuna sex game lot.

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When you gain simms trait, geg sim will also gain permanent restraints, permanent fingernail and toenail turbodriver sims 4 and a lewd pelvis tattoo to signify their enslavement to their desires. In addition, they will gain buffs and debuffs the longer they go without having sex. After sex, they will gain a dazed buff to turbodriver sims 4 how turbodriver sims 4 are completely mentally spent after fulfilling their need. Wealthy men want their trophy wives to be virgins before marriage… probably, so the Aspiration trait Valley Girl will be all about preserving your virginity.

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They gain a debuff if they lose their virginity too soon with an occasional strong sad debuff added afterwards. When you gain this sims 3 dragon egg, your sim also gains a permanent collar around their neck to ps4 sims game their achievement.

A bunch sism stat and skill modifiers. Social, child, athletic, physical skills increase faster. This also comes with a bunch of whims which is important draggon none of my aspirations currently have whims sims 4 change appearance their own. Simms sims sims 3 dragon egg up during turbodriver sims 4, with custom texture effects from Anal, Draton, and Vaginal Sex see the images turbodriver sims 4 examples and gain negative mood buffs from having sex.

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