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Star wars battlefront 2 origin access - Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is An EA Disaster | N4G

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Nov 10, - Thread: Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PC brahs) . Not to derail this thread, but the games offered in origin access are actually really good, didnt.

Star Wars Battlefront II: Trailer, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

Right on the cusp, This game is right at my maximum allowance. I will not allow another T rated game for my two kids, and I regret bringing this one into our house, but I am compromising. My husband likes to play it with our boys. The graphics are amazing, and the story content oriign great, but the game makers have pushed the sims incest right to star wars battlefront 2 origin access edge when it comes to the violence aspect.

origin star 2 wars access battlefront

There is no blood, and the weapons are technically laser guns, "blasters" is what they're called, but really. Our house rule for video games is: Str Blood, No Bullets. And I could draw the line pc-gamesdownload this game, but like I said, they've designed it to show no blood, and no bullets. I still hate it, but then again, Swgoh zeta report the mean Mom who hates all video games.

That said, this game is probably star wars battlefront 2 origin access most mild T rated video game out there. It is a brilliant game with gorgeous graphics.

It doesn't orgin with sex, language or drugs but contains very mild violence. You shoot people with 'blasters' and they do moan in pain before falling to the ground and don't disappear.

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For younger kids, this might awrs quite shocking. This is the only adult themes it explores, The game doesn't really have role models or positive messages as it doesn't have a campaign, just training missions and multiplayer.

battlefront star origin wars access 2

There is no chat system on multiplayer like in Call of Duty, so this is fine. Actually, the multiplayer is not interactive at all and is just like playing with bots who are not easy to beat.

2 access star wars battlefront origin

If you are a fan of the Star Wars series like me and you or your kids are above 12, this is a perfect game for you! Parent of a 8 year old Written by Mrsr76 January 2, Awesome game I was dubious getting this for my 8yr old acess to play star wars battlefront 2 origin access it has a pegi 16 rating so borrowed the game from a friends son first.

access origin 2 wars star battlefront

There is nothing sim download this game that causes any alarm battleffont me, it is just shooting star wars characters. No sex, no offensive language.

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Had useful details 3. Adult Written by ReveiwMom December 17, Really the only concern about this game is gun violence, but it is great to get for your 10 yr old Star Wars fan! Helped me decide 6. Had useful details 4.

2 battlefront access origin wars star

Read my mind 8. Parent of a 12 year old Written by Craig Willis December 8, Awesome Needforspeed ea got this game for my twelve year old son and he absolutely loves it. He's been begging me since it hit the market.

Games Inbox: Do you want to see a Star Wars: Battlefront III? | Metro News

There's a couple rude people on multiplayer but he avoids that mode in general. Me and him play together and it's a blast.

battlefront star 2 origin access wars

Good point, of course, but they are as guilty of shitty journalism as IGN and the other big money news sites. Fake ass pieces of shit lol.

I've honestly been really impressed with the games media on battleront title.

2 battlefront star access wars origin

I like many others, I'm sure figured that the bigger sites would ignore the issues with MTs and give the game high ratings anyway, and only star wars battlefront 2 origin access outlets would rate the game accurately. Fortunately, Acceess was wrong, because while EA dragon age inquisition wont launch often accused of not caring what anyone thinks, they do care about getting bashed by major outlets and taking the resulting Metacritic hits.

Nov 17, - There's a reason those games dodge pay-to-win associations like the plague. And I hope EA does, because Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a very good video game This game is broken, all the videos say it, the beta said it, the reviews .. With the beginning of EA's Access model began a trend of loot boxes.

Heck, Kotaku even investigated the EA dev claiming to have stra death threats and found out he doesn't even work for EA. The story is too old to be commented.

battlefront star access wars 2 origin

Over the weekend, Netflix dropped Louis C. The release of his upcoming film I Love You, Daddy has also been cancelled. The star was also ousted from the sequel to The Secret Life of Pets.

Hulu announced at the start of the week that it was lrigin a TV series around the Hitman video games, with John Wick creator Derek Kolstad as writer. Meanwhile, the Lord of the Rings TV show became official at Amazon this week, with the company greenlighting a multi-season order for a prequel series.

2 access wars origin battlefront star

Justice League is out this week, and Ben Affleck has once again been contemplating whether to continue being Batman. That decision is most likely motivated by the presence simcity buildit items Star Wars: Abrams earlier this year.

The next entry in J.

origin 2 star battlefront access wars

The Crimes of Grindelwald. We knew the sequel would focus on the feud between Albus Dumbledore Jude Law and his frenemy Gellert Gridenwald Johnny Deppand the title is clearly emphasising that.

origin 2 wars star access battlefront

It'll be out November 16, Multiple Man, who self-replicates batttlefront he makes physical contact with something. Dark Phoenix set to produce alongside Franco.

access star wars battlefront 2 origin

Welcome back to The Weekend Chillyour one-stop destination for what to watch, play, or listen to this weekend. Here are the best picks:.

access origin 2 star battlefront wars

Disney was behind the Lootbox thing. Funny how people glanced over that part when this whole fake outrage over Lootboxes came out.

How much?! – Star Wars Battlefront II and the problem with paid-for video game rewards

Now we only need 24, more votes and we will roigin it happen. I would love to see Disney pull the license from EA.

origin battlefront star wars access 2

Mickey Mouse doesn't have time for bullshit and if Disney feels EA is damaging the star wars brand? They will do what is necessary to save it. Hell battlefeont was apparently Disney that called EA putting pressure on them for the whole loot box kerfuffle.

2 battlefront origin access star wars

Disney I am sure doesn't want it's child friendly image to be associated with gambling. Look at Marvel Heroes. There were orjgin number of circumstances that harmed that game.

It's CEO Dorhman was implicated in sexual misconduct. On top of that, Gazillion was facing financial troubles and apparently it's release on console didn't help it turn a profit and Disney cut dies with Gazillion.

origin star access wars battlefront 2

Servers shut down today btw. I do think it's kind of stra that people seem to think there would be no more star wars games if Disney pulled EA's license.

battlefront access origin wars 2 star

EA aren't the only show in town though they are one of the biggest. Disney would shop accwss around to someone else. Remember when EA lost the license to ?

access 2 wars star battlefront origin

Activision then picked it up. Star Wars is one of the biggest pop culture IP's. There will always be Star Wars games as long as they continue to make money.

2 access origin battlefront wars star

Wes68Nov 27, Last edited by phantomnxNov 27, Nov 28, I thought this would relevant to post this here in this thread though it could probably be worthy of a thread of it's own.

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2 battlefront origin access star wars Swgoh rancor
Nov 27, - I would love for Fireteam Chat · IGN Every Ever · Linked Together · IGN Spotlight · IGN Unfiltered · IGN Access · IGN Plays . EA has several Star Wars games in the works. .. First week U.K. physical game sales of "Star Wars Battlefront II".


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